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Calvin Richard Klein, the son of an émigré Hungarian Jewish father and Austrian mother, cried for the first time on November 19, 1942, in the much-sung Bronx district of New York City. It is not certain that this is about her Hungarian roots, but she later chose the name Marci for her daughter. After reaching the age when it is customary to seriously consider what will happen to him when he really grows up, it has already become quite clear that he is most interested in the world of things that cover the human body and thus make it much more attractive than ordinary.

Before she realized that it was best to go after her own head, she spent a few years at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, a college that also taught fashion design, and then she set out to surprise Woody with normal clothes in the flower-covered, batik shirt hippie era. Some boutiques of Allen’s favorite city. He started it with Barry Schwartz when he was twenty-six own businesswhich started pouring in millions in a very short time.

His success was due, among other things, to the fact that he designed comfortable, easy-to-wear, but stylish clothes, which were not cheap, they were considered particularly elegant pieces, but they avoided all kinds of designer extremism.

The company’s situation was finally stabilized by a scandalous idea, even according to the public perception that is much more permissive than now, when the company’s jeans were made even more popular with photos of the then 15-year-old Brooke Shields. Of course, this article of clothing made of blue linen is only called jeans in Hungarian, in most places it is called jeans, in any case, Brooke Shields is provocative, but that is exactly why she turned out to be a successful model.

Similarly emblematic was their also strongly sexually charged advertising campaign, during which the company’s underwear for men was promoted with a certain Mark Wahlberg, a particularly attractive looking young man who is not completely unknown anymore, and with the double of Kate Moss, who was also definitely young at the time.

Tiger trap

Since the experiences triggered by our body are determined not only by the clothes that cover it, but also by the smells hanging around it, ideally by fragrances, it is logical that Mr. Klein shows a serious personal and business interest in perfumes as well.

He chose the name Obsession for his first fragrance creation, which has now become a cult. From there, the infinity, which is not limited by time, is just one step away, so they launched the fragrance creation called Eternity – Örökkévaloság, which has since been released in 17 different versions.

The company’s product collection with the fantasy name Euphoria, promising intoxicating joy, had a similar popularity curve, but Obsession did not become outdated either. Not so much that hunters recently tried to lure an Indian man-eating tiger with this scent. As reported by Index, the six-year-old female tiger killed 13 people in the catchment area of ​​Pandharkawada city and successfully avoided being trapped for two years.

Sunil Limaye, an official of the Indian Wildlife Authority, has come to know that a

the smell of cologne can be used as bait for tiger hunting, so they sprayed the perfume on the trees and the ground and waited to see what would happen.

The idea did not come out of thin air, since one of the ingredients of CK Obsession is a pheromone, which is extracted from the scent glands of civet cats.

An old hunter is not an old hunter

When it comes to hunting, he himself prefers more peaceful methods. Not so long ago, for example, the news that he was hunting for food hit the world press. All of this in a less sensationalist form means that he went to lunch, which became interesting because he did so at the age of seventy-nine, accompanied by his 34-year-old model friend, Kevin Baker, and a spy photographer happened to be there.

As for his other private life secrets, he retired from business more than twenty years ago, but he is still an active star himself: he prefers vodka to weed, because marijuana makes him hungry and he doesn’t want to gain weight.

(Cover photo: Calvin Klein in March 2016. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar / Mint / Getty Images Hungary)