Election result in France disfavors President Macron

The results of the first round of legislative elections in France dealt a setback to French President Emmanuel Macron, whose political bloc tied with the left-wing front and could lose its absolute majority in the National Assembly.


Elections advance in France under high abstentionism

According to preliminary counts, the alliance led by the ruling party La República en Marcha (LREM) obtained 25.75 percent of the votes, that is, 21,442 more votes than Jean-Luc’s New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes). Mélenchon, who took 25.66 percent

Without a doubt, abstention was the great winner on election day, setting a new record by standing at 52.49 percent and exceeding that registered in 2017, evidencing the disinterest of the French in elections now overshadowed by the presidential election.

After the results of the legislative elections, several pollsters indicate that the forces that support Emmanuel Macron would achieve between 255 and 295 seats in the second round scheduled for June 19, followed by Nupes (150 to 210).

The advance of the socialists led by Mélenchon endangers the parliamentary majority to which Macron aspires to be able to advance in his neoliberal government plan.

Control of the National Assembly is key to France’s political board, since Macron needs at least 289 seats to govern without major obstacles and the opposition wants to avoid it to force a possible coalition government, with the appointment of Jean-Luc Mélenchon as a hypothetical prime minister.

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