A man stands on the Varazdin-Zagreb highway next to the wreckage of the bus after the accident that happened

At least 11 people died and several were injured on Saturday morning when a Polish bus crashed on the outskirts of Zagreb, the Croatian interior ministry announced.

“According to the first information, 11 people died and several others were injured when a bus, with Polish registration, left the road”, according to information from the ministry, made available on Twitter.

The information does not indicate the nationality of the victims, who were on the bus, bound for Zagreb.

A police source adds that in addition to the 11 dead, 25 people were injured in the accident of the bus carrying Polish tourists.

The accident occurred at 5:40 am local time (4:40 am in Lisbon), on a highway.

The victims were transferred to hospitals in Varazdin and Zagreb, they said.

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