Elijah Fanni had thought since she was a little girl that she wouldn't have a husband because she didn't have a ring finger

The 29-year-old athlete has not given up recently with swimming, but of course they changed their training methods. Fanni admits she feels best during and after training. He is proud that his body can withstand this strain as well.

The world and European champion, Paralympic champion swimmer, recently announced that she was expecting a baby, and soon after announced that she would be back in the swimming pool a month after giving birth.

My plans include that I would like to return to the swimming pool around September and October, as I would like to be there at next year’s World Qualifying Championships as well as at the Paris Paralympics.

Said Elijah Fanni.

He is used to a leading athlete’s body

His partner and coach, Álmos, asked for his hand in November, which Fanni also made public on his community side. By doing so, she wanted people to see that she was a “viable, full, active woman”.

I’ve been with her since I was a little girl so I won’t have a husband because I don’t even have a ring finger. I thought that was a sure sign

He said rtl.hu.

The swimmer also revealed that she did not believe she could get pregnant for the first time because she had to fight a lot more for everything in her life so far. She has a hard time bearing the roundabout associated with pregnancy because she is accustomed to a body of elite athletes, but her family members are all the happier. On his social side, he revealed that he had inherited the hands and feet of his unborn child from his father. The couple is planning to have a father, and Fanni is confident that her husband’s coaching skills will be available there as well.

Fanni tries to be a very consistent and strict parent, because her partner, Álmos, is heartfelt in his wife’s opinion.

We are really looking forward to the arrival of the baby, so we will be a very good team of three. I’m currently swimming as long as I can really handle it and it’s good. Maybe my amniotic fluid will flow here by the pool

The Paralympic swimmer remarked funny.

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