Elisa Carrió supported the candidacy of Fernán Quirós in the City: "It is a light that opens"
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Carrió indicated that the current holder of the portfolio of Health porteña is “good person, upright, transparent, republican and humanist”.

“For me, it is a light that opens for a people that today has a lot of pain and anguish and that wants decency and well-being for the City of Buenos Aires that I love so much”Carrió completed.



This morning, during the inauguration of a health center in the neighborhood of Villa LuroQuirós confirmed, accompanied by Rodríguez Larreta, that he will present himself as a candidate in the STEP for the Head of Government. “In these days I made the decision to prepare to be able to compete for the Head of Government next year,” announced Quirós.

Reflecting on his application, the official added that “Argentina and the porteños are at a very critical moment”with “enormous difficulties left by the pandemic and people are going through a very bad timing“.


Fernan Quiros.

“My conviction is that all public servants have to be willing to collaborate in the care of the communityand I have a very big commitment and a very positive evaluation of what this management has done with Horacio (Rodríguez Larreta) at the helm”.

He also indicated that he hopes to contribute to the city ​​government “a humanist visionfor this scenario that I was telling, and a network strengtheningof the social mesh that gives us the ability to go through difficult times through our bonds“.

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Victoria Benitez

“Trying to provide that difference, I have made the decision to prepare myself to offer my candidacy to the public”Quirós pointed out.

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