Chaos and confusion at Twitter, Pelosi against rumor, the planes of tomorrow and the “pro-lifers” against TikTok
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If this little bichon wants to be loved… he’s doing it really badly. After firing half of Twitter’s staff on November 3, Elon Musk has just issued the survivors a surly ultimatum, giving them the choice between the door and a “total commitment to working long hours and at high intensity”. The offer, far from galvanizing the troops, resulted in a new wave of departures which would reduce the workforce to a few hundred employees in the coming days.

Amid outraged editorials, only the wall street journal provides a plausible explanation for this bittern behavior. Musk believes or believed he could apply to the care bear and democratic culture of social networks his methods honed in the ultra-innovative and industrial world of the electric car and space transport. The article recalls that the employees of Tesla and SpaceX received many times this kind of formal notice when the two companies, now triumphant, were on the verge of bankruptcy. Without responding with mass resignations. Why ? They are passionate, aspire to revolutionize the automotive industry and make the conquest of space economically viable. Should we expect such devotion from Twitter employees? Now go tell him that, Elon…

Oh yes. Musk has allowed Donald Trump to return to Twitter after an online referendum. But, according to Reuters, Trump is still sulking.

Rumors and encouragement

More than 130,000 Silicon Valley employees were laid off in 2022. But what are the others doing, those who still have a job? They chat, grumble, exchange rumors and encouragement on the Bli platform

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