Elon Musk considered that the agreement for Twitter could stand

In response to a Twitter user who asked if the US SEC, the market regulator, was investigating “dubious claims” by the company, Musk tweeted “Good question, why aren’t they?”


Twitter declined to comment on the tweet when contacted by Reuters.

While, the platform on Thursday dismissed Musk’s claim what was it about tricked into signing the deal to buy the social media company, saying it was “implausible and contrary to fact”.

“According to Musk, he, the billionaire founder of several companies, advised by Wall Street bankers and lawyers, was duped into signing a $44 billion merger deal. That story is as far-fetched and untrue as it gets.” it seems,” said the document released by Twitter on Thursday.

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Elon Musk and his interest in buying Twitter

In mid-July, Twitter presented its complaint against the tycoon before a Delaware court specializing in commercial right to force the tycoon to keep his commitment to purchase the social network.

For his part, last Friday, the world’s richest man struck back with a “confidential” lawsuit. “It is an attempt to evade a deal that Musk no longer has an interest in since the stock market went down,” the platform’s lawyers say.

In April, the American agreed US$54.20 dollars each sharesame as unilaterally ended in early Julybecause, according to him, the San Francisco-based company would have misled him about the percentage of automated and spam accounts on the platform.

According to the response document sent on Thursday by Twitter, the owner of Tesla accuses the board of directors of having concealed the real percentage of unauthentic accounts, which would be, according to him, of the order of 10% of active daily users. But he considers this figure less than 5%.

According to its defenders, the strategy was to hide and “inflate the price” of the company to prevent the buyer from “knowing the truth” for as long as possible.

The legal process should begin on October 17 and is estimated to last five days.

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