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The situation on Twitter is tight: after laying off about 5,000 employees, Elon Musk began to implement a new era of austerity in spending at the company. Seen by Insidera new email sent to the entire team by the HR department, after the general meeting on Monday (21), instituted cuts in employee, vacation, and business travel expenses🇧🇷

Accompanying the pace of work of the new owner, changes in the social network occur unexpectedly, quickly and comprehensively. In the crosshairs of the billionaire’s sharp cutting scissors, there are now several costs that Twitter covered, or some “treats” that were granted to employees for many years. In the case of business trips, for example, not only will the daily rates be limited, but the displacements themselves will be rarer🇧🇷

The email is blunt: “We are facing a challenging economic climate where increased attention to cost management is essential.”

What employee benefits are being cut?

The changes, which apply to all expenses incurred from November 1st, cover some typical day-to-day cost coverages, such as allowance for cell phone bills, which dropped from US$150 (R$804) to US$50 (R$268)🇧🇷 The daily rate for food on business trips is now US$ 75 (R$ 402), says the email.

In terms of business trips, these should only take place on Twitter from now on “for critical business purposes”, after a cost estimate is approved by a manager. This amount is limited to US$ 500 (R$ 2,700) in the case of a manager or senior manager.

As, from Monday (21), all company employees have to work in offices, another impactful cut will be in the food and beverage sector in the company. Meals in Twitter canteens, previously free, will now be “partially paid🇧🇷

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