Twitter workers continue with their jobs at risk since the arrival of the new boss.
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One new round of layoffs on Twitter could happen from this Monday (21)in the midst of the changes that Elon Musk has been promoting in the company. Almost 4,000 employees have already lost their jobs in recent weeks.

As revealed by Bloomberg on Saturday (19), the next cuts in the social network’s staff should reach the sales and partnership sectors of the business. Workers in these areas apparently were not frightened by the ultimatum given by billionaire in the last week, demanding “work for long hours” from those who remained in the company.

Who would not agree with the new work policy had the option of being dismissed and compensated, which led to a greater number of departures from those who worked in the technical areas. As most sales and partnership employees decide to continue, more layoffs in these sectors will be needed, according to the report.

Twitter workers continue with their jobs at risk since the arrival of the new boss.Source: unsplash

Ordered to lay off more employees, marketing and sales leaders Robin Wheeler and partnerships Maggie Suniewick did not comply with Musk’s orders. As a result, both ended up being fired by the new boss of twitteraccording to the publication.

Depleted team of engineers

THE mass layoffs on twitter occurred since the arrival of Musk has greatly affected the team of software engineers from microblogging. Industry luminaries such as lead engineer Yao Yue and back-end engineer Nick Morgan are among those leaving the company.

As many professionals in the technical area did not respond to his call to work more hours, new embezzlements in the engineering team occurred in the last week, including a specialist who criticized the boss’s actions.

Despite the reduced number of workers, the group that remained on the platform managed to carry out the social network full code reviewas the billionaire himself revealed in a tweet over the weekend.

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