Embark on the first of two Fantasy Life updates in the winter season of Mabinogi
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Los Angeles–(business wire)–Nov. 18, 2022–

Mabinogi, Nexon’s free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, kicks off the winter season with two very important events. Called “NEXT”, these two-part game updates include revamped character growth and faster leveling, plus revised tutorials and UI improvements throughout November and also the introduction of Arcane Talents in December! !

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Mabinogi, Nexon America’s fantasy life MMORPG (Graphic: Business Wire)

Blaanid, the enthusiastic spirit of memory, has prepared a new tutorial for all Milletians, making it faster to level up and complete quests in Mabinogi! And the quests changed so that you are now rewarded for completing the Generation quests. In this update to Mabinogi’s masterpiece, the original generation 1-3 questline has been revamped to provide a friendly experience for new players, along with the ability to replay quests for existing players. Mabinogi New and returning Mabinogi players will find the initial experience even friendlier! These updates, along with other items like improvements to Dan’s breakthrough tests and balance changes to Renown, Grandmaster, and Crusader abilities, are designed to drastically improve the early to mid-game leveling experience for all Milletians.

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Added to these improvements, the quests have been reorganized to currently only show the essential quests and skill training has also been improved: fewer training points are required and more EXP is earned to quickly achieve high-rank skills. Lastly, Mabinogi removed CP training, which means monster levels are no longer important to your training requirements. Other changes like teleporting to the Moon Gate and Mana Tunnels have been improved in this update, to make it easier for new and old players to traverse the world map.

In the second part of the “NEXT” update to be released in December, Mabinogi will introduce new hybrid talents, merging two talent styles into one devastating package! Get ready to experience the almighty power of the Elemental Knight or the soul-stirring ability of the Harmonic Saint when the next Arcana update arrives in December!

For these reasons and many more, your “NEXT” MMORPG should be Mabinogi!

For more information on Mabinogi, please visit the official website and follow @MabiOfficial on Twitter for the latest updates.


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