Emir Kusturica is a star guest of the Alexandre Trauner Art / Film Festival

Emir Kusturica, who also has Bosnian ancestry, was born in Sarajevo and studied at the Film Academy in Prague. The creator marks award – winning films such as Dad went on a mission (1985), a Gypsy time (1988) with American star actors Johnny Depp, Faye Dunaway, Vincent Gallo Arizona dreamers (1991), az Underground (1995), and its greatest audience success, the Cat (1998).

The two-time Golden Palm Award-winning director has been actively filming for decades, making documentaries and TV series in addition to feature films. His most recent work includes works such as In milk, in butter, in love (2016)starring Monica Bellucci, or a documentary about the life and work of the last president of Uruguay, José “Pepe” Mujica.

In Kusturica’s films, music has always played an important role.

After terminating his employment with Gypsy timeaz Arizona dreamers and that Underground with Goran Bregović, who composed his soundtrack, he also started playing music. He has been making records regularly and touring with the No Smoking Orchestra for the past two decades.

The eleven-member band playing Balkan folk music was formed in Sarajevo in 1979 and is now (more) recognized internationally than in their home country. The Balkan version of their Serbian kolo-style music, rumba, combines rock and gypsy music.

The band, led by the director, will give its October concert at the Szolnok Sports Center as part of the Alexandre Trauner Art / Film Festival, which awards visual designers and presents art-themed films.

(Cover image: D. Teodorovic Zeko)

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