Today, the steel structure is at most a resting place for birds, and the OSB boards that carry advertising are long gone.

In the landscape category at the Sony World Photography Awards, the shortlistes series of images encompasses the world in a specific language in a transparent frame, making it appear closed and very privileged.

“Advertising media. Media mix. Billboard. Giant blackboard. Gigaposter. Extra size. Megaboard. 100 400m2. Busy road. Frequent place. Motorway. New product. FMCG. Directions. Product launch. Brief, rebrief. Visibility. Continuous visibility. Awareness raising. Campaign. Tender. Agency. There are several types of this: lead, local, graphic, PR agency. Product, product photo or simply: packshot. Graphic Design. Photography, 3D, and a combination of these. Budget. Art director, designer, dtp cameraman. 3D modeler. Client service, account manager. Presentation. Discard, then new round. Proofreading, not even one, sometimes sixteen. Approval, proof signature. Test print, approval again. Cromalin, calibrated, correct. Material selection. Painting or printing. UV. Site tour. Climbers. Quote, maybe fourth. Licensing. Landowner. Construction permit. But before that, architectural design. Sights, visual design. Road, municipality, competent nature conservation office. 3D visualization again. In the meantime, monitoring is taking place. Media planning. What is the reach, the share, the CPT. For a month, a year or more? Own or rent? Lawyers justify it. They justify anything. Decision. We can’t decide. Dispatch to the center and then decide there. From there. Market research. Focus group. Evaluation. Presentation. External analyst. They decide and then contract. Land Office. Construction. Closed section then cover. Sheet metal or OSB? Deadline? Bring it in! The campaign is important! Everyone will watch this. You’re going to go on the weekend, aren’t you? Finally done! Billing, commissions and various bonuses. Take a picture. Into the report. Once again for the quarter. Monitoring. There was a storm. Maintenance. Reproduction. The contract expires. The product manager is fluctuating. He will be forgotten after a year. Rain, wind and rust come. 10 years and the plates are sailing on the field. The steel structure will last for a while. We see through it. It turns into a memento. We get used to it because we get used to everything, but it hurts.

I spun this wheel for 30 years and it was when I enjoyed it. Today, I prefer to summarize what is left of it, ”writes Radisics Milán.

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