End of family programs at the Kabul theme park

In the Afghan capital, Kabul, visitors to the amusement parks will now have to be segregated by gender, which means families can no longer go to these facilities together, MTI reported.

According to a schedule published by the Taliban Ministry of Moral Protection, women will be able to visit parks in Kabul and surrounding areas with slides and toys from Sunday to Tuesday if they wear an Islamic hijab. And men can only enter the amusement parks from Wednesday to Saturday.

The Taliban government is imposing more and more restrictions on public life. Airlines were instructed on Thursday not to allow women to travel by plane unaccompanied in the future. Dozens of women were prevented from boarding an unaccompanied man at Kabul International Airport on Friday.

On Wednesday, the Taliban leadership extended the ban on girls ’secondary education until further action sparked protests from teachers, students and women’s rights activists in the country. Several countries and international organizations have called on the Taliban to reconsider their decision without delay.

(Cover image: Afghan women in Kabul on November 17, 2012. Photo: Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images)

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