Soledad Acuña visited Macri and signed up for the fight for the City
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The tension between Mauricio Macri Y Horacio Rodriguez Larreta it is undisguisable. It is that after several days without public crosses in Pro, above all, thanks to the internal truce that the high command of the party had agreed to at a breakfast at the NH hotel, in San Telmo, the visit of the Buenos Aires boss to the province of Santa Cruz, the parent company of Kirchnerism, once again shook the board of Together for Change.

It is that leaders close to Macri came out today to question Larreta for having shown himself in Santa Cruz together with the former deputy Antonio Carambiafrom the MoVeRe space, and the mayor of Las Heras, Jose Maria Carambia. These are two territorial allies of the mayor of Buenos Aires, who traveled to that province for the first time yesterday as a possible candidate for president with the aim of strengthening his national project for 2023.

As had happened a few months ago with a meeting between representatives of Larreta and Diego Santilli in the province of Buenos Aires and Peronists, such as Juan Manuel Urtubey, the macrismo came out to mark the field for the Buenos Aires boss: they reproach him for his policy of alliances in his attempt to expand the electoral base of JxC. In the case of the Carambia brothers, those loyal to Macri link them to Kirchnerism. Is that In December 2019, after the defeat of Macri at the national level, Antonio Carambia caused the rupture of the opposition coalition block in the stronghold of Alicia Kirchner.

The first one who came out to cross Larreta was the national deputy Federico Angelini (Pro-Santa Fe), a bishop close to the former president who joined the teams that build the presidential project of Patricia Bullrich.

Not everything is the same. In Santa Cruz, you cannot join the Carambia, main allies of Kirchnerism since 2019, betraying the Juntos electorate for the change. Either we are the change or we are nothing, ”Angelini remarked, in a clear allusion to the catchphrase that Macri has used since he published his book First timewhen he began his ideological crusade to redefine the identity of the opposition space.

In the past legislatures, the Pro applicants in Santa Cruz were Javier Gabbani, Martin Bocco and Micaela Siarez, among others. In that province, the party founded by Macri was under the intervention of Silvana Giudiciformer head of Enacom and one of Bullrich’s squires.

As soon as Angelini’s tweet came out, the Buenos Aires legislator dario grandson (Together for Change), one of Macri’s closest collaborators, joined the offensive against Larreta. “Almost 3 years ago, Carambia betrayed the trust and values ​​of his voters to jump from the bloc in Deputies and did not return his bench. Change is not built with people like this”, he remarked. As Angelini had done, Macri’s former private secretary accompanied his message with a photo of the tour in which Larreta and the Carambia brothers are seen.

In Macri’s environment they consider that the ally that Larreta chose to venture into Santa Cruz is a “traitor” and does not represent “the values” or the “ideas” of JxC. In turn, they do not forgive him for his harsh criticism of the former president. “They cannot be in this space,” they remarked. And they decided to “play hard”, in line with the proposal of the co-founder of Cambiemos, who insists that the Pro cannot neglect its essence when it comes to broadening its electoral base.

The onslaught of macrismo generated the reaction of Carambia, who appealed to irony to defend his movements in Santa Cruz. “They wanted to be a change but the macrismo in Santa Cruz was a failure. Likewise, in the 2019 elections we accompanied them again. It is time to turn the page and bet on better leadership. Today we are more, join Horacio, we make a place for you, the country needs it, ”said the former deputy.

Shortly after, Christian Ritondo, head of the Pro block in Deputies and one of the aspirants for Buenos Aires governor, who has the endorsement of Macri, attacked Carambia. Of course, Ritondo, rival of Diego Santilli in the Pro internship in the province of Buenos Aires, he did not mention Larreta. “Forbidden to forget: three years have passed since the betrayal of Carambia, who deceived his voters to become a Kirchnerist of the worst government in history,” wrote Ritondo, who visited Macri hours before the former president traveled to Qatar for the World Cup. soccer.

Hernan Lombardi, one of Macri’s political sides, also came out to establish a position with internal accusations. He warned his partners that there are “additions that remain” and There are “additions” that remain. “Deputy Carambia was elected by the opposition, but he did not join our bloc and voted systematically with the ruling party. The defectors are accomplices of Kirchnerism. Expanding cannot be diluting the profound change to which we aspire”, pointed out Lombardi. The onslaught of the black palate macristas against Larreta was activated in a synchronized and coordinated manner.

In the larretismo they were surprised by the crossfire. “Quiet. They bark, Sancho, a sign that we are riding”, they slipped. They consider that it is “a minor issue” and that the macrismo uses it to wear down the Buenos Aires boss. First stumble of “early warning system”the curious mechanism that the Pro priests devised so that the blood does not reach the river in the electoral dispute for the candidacies with a view to 2023.

In private, the former president does not hide his concern for the Acordista model promoted by Larreta. Although he considers that the Buenos Aires chief has “clear ideas”, he considers that his opening plan could compromise the reforms and the physiognomy of JxC. For that reason, he does not hesitate to praise the bold style of Patricia Bullrich.

Macri’s ambiguous game keeps the Buenos Aires boss in suspense, who chose to modify his strategy: he went out to confront the model proposed by the former president for 2023 and is willing to defend his vision of the country. On Monday, in an interview with the program Argentine Odyssey, Larreta said that would feel comfortable competing in an inmate “with a radical, with Macri or whoever.” In addition, he affirmed that it is complex to reduce inflation: “Only a blackmailer could say in one line how to lower it,” he launched. A message for the former president?

This week, Larreta insisted that “a comprehensive plan” is required that is sustained over time to get the country out of stagnation. “Not everything is solved just by rethinking social plans or inflation. If we do not open markets it is useless. We need to generate more work. We have an opportunity to sell our products to the world, ”she remarked in dialogue with Radio Con Vos.

The main stage of the fight between Macri and Larreta is the Capital, the bastion of Pro. The former president fears that the mayor will neglect the City, where he has a strategic alliance with Martin Lousteau, in order to strengthen his presidential project. Faced with the neutrality of Larreta – whom he reproaches for not having outlined a Pro leader as his successor – Macri blessed his cousin, Jorge, as the candidate for the Uspallata chair. Yesterday he received Soledad Acuna, one loyal to Larreta, who conveyed his desire to fight for the City. After reviewing the numbers and indicators from the surveys, Macri encouraged her to compete.

Soledad Acuña visited Macri and signed up for the fight for the City

At this time, after he managed to defuse the salary conflict with doctors and residents of the City, Larreta is getting ready to go up to the Buenos Aires ring to Fernan Quiroshis Minister of Health.

For months, Larreta has been trying to improve his position at the national level after suffering stagnation in the polls. According to the “hawks” of Pro and various leaders of the UCR, Patricia Bullrichholder of Pro, managed to grow in the polls and fights for pole position with Larreta.

The Buenos Aires boss trusts his numbers – he manages them Federico di Benedettowho works with a pool of surveys-. “Horacio has been a leader in all serious polls for two years. The elections are approaching and that does not change. I imagine some of them get nervous”, slipped one of Larreta’s setters.

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