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Alina Luca and daughters Ellie and Millie (Credit: Reproduction/The Sun)

Alina Luca, 30, a resident of London, England, and her husband Rick Carmea have a daughter, 9. At one point, the two wanted to expand their family. The couple tried for two years, but gave up when they were unsuccessful. A month later, the surprise came: the woman discovered that she had become pregnant twice in the same week. The information is from Crescer magazine.

This rare phenomenon is called superfetation, when a woman becomes pregnant while already pregnant.

“I got pregnant when I was already pregnant. I didn’t think it was possible,” Alina said in an interview with The Sun. “We found that they were conceived a week apart because of the size difference. It’s a miracle this happened to me.”

“After I processed the information and did some research, I was really shocked and thought, ‘Wow, it really happened and it really happened to me.’ It’s incredible,” he added.

On March 15, Alina gave birth to two girls Ellie and Millie, who were born a minute apart and technically not twins. “I felt like I was on the moon when I held them for the first time.”

Despite having fulfilled a dream, Alina stressed that the management was a little difficult. “I am small. My skin was so tight and I had so many stretch marks, it felt like my belly was going to explode soon. I thought my back was going to break because my belly was too big,” she said.

Because of this, she decided to create an Instagram profile to explain what superfetation is. “When I tell the story, people look at me and think I’m crazy and wonder how that was possible. If someone told me before, I think I would do the same,” she concluded.


The gynecologist and obstetrician at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein Sérgio Podgaec explained that, although rare, superfetation can happen when a pregnant woman continues to ovulate and has unprotected sex.

The second pregnancy can be 1 to 4 weeks different from the first.

The gynecologist also stressed that the babies are born at the same time, but they are not twins.

“There is not even a number for superfetation, because it is more a possibility than a reality. I’ve never seen such a case in the office and I’ve never heard of colleagues, but it’s still a possibility. As folksy as it may seem, it can happen, even from different parents”, he concluded.

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