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Entrepreneurs use credit incorrectly

Entrepreneurs use credit incorrectly

Leon, Guanajuato. The credits are to cover the needs of the businesses, not to become over-indebted.

Credit debts must be taken to generate more money either in sales or profits; by having the money available, bad decisions can be made.

Julián Rodolfo Gómez, director of the Egras group, He explained that there are false needs that can confuse you thinking that you need a loan. For example: personal expenses of the general management, and excess inventory.

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Among the internal errors that “seem” symptoms of a lack of credit, he referred to money leaks and uncontrolled accounts receivable.

This information was shared with entrepreneurs from the footwear sector, in the Financing and Credit Fair organized by Ciceg.

In contrast, the symptoms that a credit is needed are the problems to pay services and payroll, in addition to the constant use of reserves.

It is important that financing is an instrument for growth, it must be analyzed from within to make the best decision”.

He estimated that MiPyMes have a wide range of credits, whether it is a grocery store or a large company.


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