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Meanwhile, a group of researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology used an automatic learning algorithm with which he determined that 4,336 species “would probably be in danger of extinction”according to the AFP news agency.

In turn, the IUCN recorded conservation data for 150,000 animal and plant species, of which 41,000 “are threatened with extinction“, namely, 28% of the total, which represents 41% of amphibians, 38% of sharks and raysY 27% of mammals.



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Therefore, according to the study author, Jan Borgelt“we see that, in most of the land and coastal areas around the world, the rate of extinction could be more high including the species on which we don’t have data“.

In addition, the analysis highlighted some regions in which “the risk is higher”What Madagascarwith a unique wildlifeor south of India.

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Snow Leopard.

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A report from the United Nations (UN) -published in 2019- also warned that a million species are threatened with extinction medium and long termDue to the habitat lossthe climate changethe invasive species or your overexploitation.

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