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The company Karadeniz Powership already has the environmental license required for the start-up of the electricity generating barge that is expected to be installed in the community of The Blacksin the province Azua.

This was confirmed to Free Daily Carlos Matamorosrepresentative of the company, who indicated that the Ministry of the Environment granted the license last Wednesday.

“That is correct, we already have the environmental license in our possession”, indicated the executive of the Turkish company. When asked if any modification to the project was agreed upon for the authorization, Matamoros stated: “We only modified two anchor points to withdraw from the protected area that was there, but that was it”.

He recalled that last Tuesday the company began construction work on the transmission line. “We hope to wrap that up as quickly as possible; and when that is concluded we will then be able to bring the plant to interconnect it to the SENI (National Interconnected Electric System) and be able to inject the required energy”, indicated the executive.

He added that the injection of energy to the system would be taken about 60 or 70 days. When asked how the company would approach the community of The Blacks After obtaining the environmental permit, regarding the riots that occurred in the area, Matamoros stated: “We are going to show that we will help develop that community; We are going to implement the plans that we already had designed for the development of the community.”

“There is no environmental risk”

Prior to what was expressed by Matamoros, Free Daily sought to confirm with the Ministry of the Environment whether the environmental permit for the Turkish company was approved. At that time, a source from the entity stated that the permit “is in the process of concluding.”

“The modifications were made, the recommendations to remove the mooring point were followed; a mesh was required under the boat, so that large species do not enter (…) there is no environmental risk ”, he added.

The concern of the president of the Academy of Sciences

For the president of the Academy of Sciences, Eleuterio Martinez, the environmental authorization for the project is “worrying”, while it considered the plant’s activity as “highly harmful” due to the risk of, among other things, an oil or fuel spill. “A single drop contaminates around 4,000 liters of water and if you have a small spill you threaten all the life that is there”he warned.

The agronomist recalled that Decree 309-95, which “Adopts as a Guide for the Organization of the National System of Protected Areas, the Generic Categories Agreed by the World Conservation Union”, provided for the protocol to be followed by vessels near the dock located in the Puerto Viejo Manglares Wildlife Refuge.

“Since the port was there, it was already an element of disturbance that you cannot minimize; We said we are going to leave it there, but we put this forecast: the movement of the vessels that are going to load or unload, must be done with sufficient care, they must see a protocol to avoid the escape of oil or grease, because that contaminates barbarically ”, Indian.

Similarly, he expressed his fear that the permanent movement of the boat would disturb the species.

Martínez attended this Thursday the hearing of knowledge of the writ of protection preventive that seeks to paralyze the project by means of a judicial order, submitted by several organizations, including the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH).


The Civil, Commercial and Labor Chamber of the Court of First Instance of Azua postponed the hearing until next Monday, November 28, so that the representatives of various public institutions linked to the project can deposit new documentation on the case, according to the president of the National Human Rights Commission, Manuel María Mercedes.

The project that would install 178 megawatts has been defended by the government, which has indicated that the tender won by the Turkish company is due to the country’s energy deficit.

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