In the anniversaries of June 21 The following events that occurred in Argentina and globally are highlighted.

  • It is celebrated on World Day to Fight Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a date promoted by patient associations around the world to raise awareness about this neurodegenerative disease. Currently, there is no cure and it usually affects adults between 40 and 70 years of age.

Esteban Bullrich asked ANMAT to approve a drug for ALS: “We don’t have time to wait for so much bureaucracy”

  • 1527- Italian diplomat, philosopher, writer and politician dies Niccolò Machiavelli in the city of Florence. He is considered the father of modern Political Science and a representative figure of the Renaissance. Currently, the term “Machiavellianism” is used to describe the principles of power from the point of view that “the end justifies the means”.
Niccolò Machiavelli
  • 1788 – It is officially adopted United States Constitutiondrafted by a constitutional convention meeting in Philadelphia.
  • 1905 – One of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century and considered the pioneer of existentialism was born. Jean-Paul Sartre. During his life he developed as a biographer and literary critic, and his works have as their axis the theory that the human being is not predetermined, but is the one who builds his own destiny.
    Among the author’s most distinguished works is “Being and Nothingness”in which it expresses the matrix of its positioning.
Jean-Paul Sartre
Jean-Paul Sartre

the only bummer

  • 1906 – The US Senate decides on the construction of the Panama Canal with locks
  • 1918 – is thrown the preliminary manifest at the University of Córdoba, which proclaimed the University Reformwhich marked a progressive milestone for the rest of the institutions that bring together undergraduate degrees in Latin America.
  • 1932 – The conductor and pianist is born Lalo Schifrinwho composed the music for more than a hundred films, among which are Mission Impossible, The Cincinnati Kid, Bullitt Y Dirty Harry. In addition, he won an Oscar and was awarded six Grammys.
  • 1941 – Without a previous declaration of war, the army of the Nazi Germany begins the invasion Soviet Union on the stage of the Second World War. The so-called “Operation Barbarossa”, by Adolf Hitler himself.
  • 1941 – In the Buenos Aires city of General Madariaga, the singer Rodolfo Giménez was born, popularly known as Argentinian Moonone of the most important representatives of national folk music.
  • 1943 – The politician belonging to the ranks of the Conservative Party Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra takes possession of the Presidency of Ecuador and carries out an authoritarian or dictatorial government.
  • 1947 – The Spanish writer and essayist was born Fernando Saveter in the European city of San Sebastián.
Fernando Saveter
Spanish writer and essayist Fernando Savater
  • 1961 – The musician and former leader of the group Mano Negra was born in Paris Manu Chao, who achieved remarkable success in the old continent as well as in our latitudes. Within the framework of the twentieth edition of the Goya Awards. he was honored with a statuette for his song “They call me street”.
  • 1978 – In a match surrounded by suspicions of bribery, due to having been played during the civic-military dictatorship, the Argentine team won 6-0 against the Peruvian team. Meeting with which the “albiceleste” qualified for the final of the World Cup 1978.

Kempes and the ’78 World Cup: “People believed that under the Argentine shirt we had a green costume”

  • 1982 – Older adults around the world have been celebrated since 1982, the date on which the United Nations Organization held the first International Assembly dedicated to aging and thus established the old age day.
  • 1983 – The American technology consultant and informant is born Edward Snowdena man whose name was globally mediatized after disseminating secret documents from the Central Intelligence Agency and the US National Security Agency, official organizations of which he used to be a member.
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden
  • 2016 – The current captain of the Argentine national team, Leo Messi becomes the top scorer with the shirt of our country with 55 points, after scoring a free kick against the United States in a game valid for the Copa América Centenario.
  • 2017- It is celebrated on National Beekeeper’s Day, to promote the activity that not only produces honey but also wax, pollen, propolis and royal jelly. In March 2019, the trade agreement with China was confirmed, an Asian giant that is currently the leader in the sector, which has a segment of some 300 million people who buy high-value imported honey and in which Argentina has growth potential.


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