Ephemeris of November 20: What happened in the world on a day like today
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On November 20, but in 1995, the BBC broadcasts in the United Kingdom a historic interview with Diana of Wales in which the princess talks about the problems in her marriage and her personal conflicts.


1789.- New Jersey becomes the first state in the United States to ratify the Constitution.

1815.- The European powers extend a document in favor of Switzerland in which they guarantee its perennial neutrality and inviolability.

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1845.- The Argentine Confederation defeats the Anglo-French squad in the Battle of the Forced Return.

1910.- Francisco Madero promulgates the Plan of San Luis Potosí to call for an insurrection and overthrow the dictator Porfirio Díaz. The Mexican Revolution begins.

[1945-TheNurembergprocessbeginsagainst eight Hitlerite organizations and 24 Nazi leaders accused of war crimes.

1947.- Princess Elizabeth of England marries Prince Felipe Mounbatten.

1959.- The United Nations General Assembly approves the Children’s rights convention.

1975.- Dictator Francisco Franco dieshead of the Spanish State since 1939.

1984.- The Dragon Ball manga begins to be published in Japan.

1985.- Microsoft releases version 1.0 of Windowsthe first of the most popular operating system.

1992.- A fire causes serious damage to Windsor Castle (England).

1994.- The Angolan government and the UNITA rebels sign the Lusaka Protocolending 19 years of civil war.

1998.- It is The first module of the International Space Station was put into orbit.

2001.- Carlos Menem, former Argentine president, accused of arms trafficking, is released.

2002.- The Spanish Congress approves a historic declaration condemning the Franco dictatorship and moral recognition to the victims of the Civil War and subsequent political repression.

2003.- Thirty-four countries in the Americas, except Cuba, agree to the creation of a free trade zone by 2005 at the VIII meeting of the member countries of the Free Trade Area for America, FTAA.

2004.- Closure of the XIV Ibero-American Summit in San José, Costa Rica with the adoption of a declaration that creates the new General Secretariat of the summit system and promotes greater investment in education.

2007.- The magazines Science and Cell publish that two independent research groups have achieved produce stem cells from human fibroblasts.

2010.- The Argentine government decrees Sovereignty Day to commemorate the Battle of Obligado (1845).

2013.- The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, obtains special powers to legislate for a year without the control of Parliament.

2019.- Prince Andrew of England announces that he is leaving his “public functions”, after being involved in a scandal over his ties to the late tycoon Jeffrey Epstein, accused of child sex trafficking.


1841.- Victor d’HondtBelgian mathematician.

1889.- Edwin Powell HubbleAmerican astronomer.

1907.- Henri-Georges Clouzot, French filmmaker.

1923.- Nadine GordimerSouth African writer, P. Nobel 1991.

1925.- Robert F. KennedyAmerican politician.

– Maya PlisetskayaSpanish dancer and choreographer of Russian origin.

1934.- Francisco Ibáñez Gorostidi, Paco IbáñezSpanish singer-songwriter and poet.

1942.- Joe BidenUnited States’s president.

1948.- Barbara HendricksSwedish-American soprano.

1956.- Bo DerekAmerican actress.

1959.- Sean YoungAmerican actress.


1894.- Anton Rubinstein, Russian pianist and composer.

1910.- Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer.

1978.- Giorgio ChiricoItalian painter.

1989.- Leonardo SciasciaItalian writer.

2006.-Robert Altman, American filmmaker.

2014.- Cayetana Fitz-James StuartDuchess of Alba, Spanish aristocrat.

2016.- Konstantinos Stefanópulos, Greek politician.

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