Ephemeris of November 22: What happened in the world on a day like today?
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On November 22, but in 1963, the 44-year-old President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, is shot dead in Dallas.


1497.- the portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama rounds the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa).

1822.- The Congress of Verona (Italy) decides the Sending to Spain the One Hundred Thousand Sons of Saint Louis.

LOOK: The Government of Colombia and the ELN resume peace negotiations in Venezuela

1824.- Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua promulgate the Constitution that unites the five countries in a Federation governed by a president, although it leaves wide freedom to the heads of each state.

1873.- The French liner “Ville du Havre” sinks by boarding on its journey to New York and 226 people die.

1928.- The work “Bolero” premieres at the Paris Operaby the French composer Maurice Ravel.

1934.- The engineer and pilot begins his flight to Africa Ramón Torres, the first Spanish aviator to cross the Sahara.

1943.- Lebanon obtains its independence from France.

1955.- The USSR explodes a hydrogen bomb in Siberia.

– After the overthrow of Argentine President Juan Domingo Perón, the embalmed corpse of Eva Perón is kidnapped.

1956.- Inauguration in Melbourne (Australia) of the XVI Olympic Games.

1969.- Signed in San José, Costa Rica the American Convention on Human Rights, the so-called Pact of San José.

1975.- Juan Carlos I de Borbón is sworn in as King of Spain.

1977.- Spain and Portugal sign a friendship treaty which replaces the Iberian Pact.

– The Concorde makes its first direct flight between Paris and New York.

1983.- The Colombian National Liberation Army (ELN) kidnaps Jaime Betancur Cuartas in Bogotábrother of the President of the Republic, Belisario Betancur.

1989.- Lebanese President René Muawad assassinated in Beirut and 14 other people, when a powerful device exploded.

1990.- Margaret Thatcher announces her resignation as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

1992.- The pro-government coalition “Cambio 90-Nueva Mayoría” wins the constituent elections in Peru.

1995.- Simón Peres becomes the head of the XII Government of Israel being sworn in before Parliament in Jerusalem.

– Pixar Animation Studios releases Toy Storythe first feature film created by computer.

2002.- The Argentine Government announces the end of the banking “corralito” for the following December 2, imposed the previous year.

2004.- One day after the presidential elections in Ukraine, the Central Election Commission declares Prime Minister Victor Yukanovich the winner. Opposition leader Victor Yushchenko calls on his supporters to undertake massive protest actions over electoral fraud. The “orange revolution” begins.

2005.- The Bundestag elects the conservative Angela Merkel as the new chancellor. She is the first woman in German history to come to office.

2006.- The United States and Colombia sign a Free Trade Agreement It must be approved by the parliaments of both countries.

2010.- The German Government announces the suspension of compulsory military service as of July 1, 2011.

– 351 people die and 750 are injured in a stampede in Phnom Penhcapital of Cambodia, during the Water Festival.

2015.- the conservative Mauricio Macri is elected president of Argentina.

2017.- The ICTY sentences the former Bosnian Serb soldier Ratko Mladic to life imprisonment as responsible for genocide and war crimes.


1869.- André Gide, French writer. Nobel Prize in 1947.

1890.-Charles De GaulleFrench soldier and statesman.

1901.- Joaquin RodrigoSpanish composer.

1940.-Terry GilliamAmerican actor, director and illustrator.

1947.- Alfredo Cristianiformer president of El Salvador.

1950.- San Basilio DoveSpanish singer.

1958.- Jamie Lee CurtisAmerican actress.

1967.- Boris BeckerGerman tennis player.

1984.- Scarlett JohanssonAmerican actress of European descent.

1986.- Oscar PistoriusSouth African athlete.

1995.- Katherine McNamaraAmerican actress.


1908.- Claude Paul Taffanel, French musician.

1916.- Jack LondonAmerican writer.

1929.- Jaime FerránSpanish microbiologist.

1937.- Philip LaszloBritish painter.

1963.- Aldous HuxleyEnglish writer.

1980.- Mae WestAmerican actress.

2007.- Maurice BejartFrench choreographer.

-Lola MassieuSpanish painter.

2011.- Lynn MargulisAmerican scientist.

-Paul MotianAmerican jazz drummer.

2012.- Bryce CourtenaySouth African writer, settled in Australia.

2021.- Noah GordonAmerican writer.

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