Espionage on independence supporters shows a corroded system

Today more than ever this phrase becomes relevant: “do not clarify that it darkens”. It’s just what’s happening to Central Government of Madridwho is involved in a scandal of great dimensions, since he could be one of the beneficiaries of a wild spying on politicians who fight for the independence of Catalonia.

On May 2nd, in the middle of the Madrid community celebration, Minister Bolaños held a press conference, which was quickly announced. In it he stated that: “the cell phones of the defense minister Margaret Oaks and the president Pedro Sanchez, were infected and that is not the responsibility of the CNI (National Research Center).

On the other hand, The Government said: “in Spain there is no spying”, then on Wednesday, April 27, at the parliamentary headquarters, Margarita Robles said about espionage: “Spying is good, things are done well, what does a State have to do when someone declares independence?”, implying that the State, everything what he does, he does it legally. With this, she affirms that the State used the Pegasus system to be able to listen to the independentists, with the seriousness that deputies were heard in their functions and also their lawyers. Finally, “Margarita Robles and President Sánchez were spied on.”

Regarding listening to lawyers, I want to stop for a moment. When a judge authorizes wiretapping (to “tap” a telephone) it is only listening and for a maximum period of three months. When the Pegasus system is used, it is to enter from a cell phone to all the person’s devices, and that is already espionage. Why is it so serious if he is a lawyer? First, because the lawyer did not commit any crime, he was not part of any political maneuver. Second, because when you enter through your cell phone you have access to everything: to the drive or disk where you store sensitive information, to the study server, to all the defense strategies that have been prepared. This violates the fundamental right of self defense. Third, to claim that a court judge authorized the use of Pegasus and that they messed with their lawsuit defense strategies is to declare a mistrial. The three lawyers who had the Pegasus system were: Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas, Gonzalo Boye and Andreu Van der Enyde, all of them defenders of those accused of the referendum in which the citizens voted for the independence of Catalonia in 2017 and dedicated to defending the exiles.

If we analyze what the Government of Madrid said when the espionage became known, we see a sinuous line, with little honesty. At the beginning it was said that in Spain there is no spying, but later in Parliament, President Sánchez said that “it is spying well, it is done well” and that “what were we going to do if independence was declared?” Justifying espionage. And finally he declared that: “Margarita Robles and the President are spied on.” Let us remember that Robles is nothing more and nothing less than the Minister of Defense.

In recent history there was a precedent-setting case, Judge Garzón who had to resign due to legally authorized listening to lawyers. Today, as things continue, several should resign, but the strategy is to “continue muddying the field” so that everything calms down or comes to nothing. It is up to the opposition politicians to clear things up and get to the final consequences, which are obviously neither a parliamentary commission nor an internal CNI investigation. Let’s not forget that all this information is known by a Canadian company (that is, the CNI never knew it).

The May 5theverything changed and accelerated, the director of the CNI, Paz Estebanadmitted, in his appearance before the official secrets commission, that the intelligence services have spied on 18 pro-independence officials, as confirmed to the Spain Newspaper different sources consulted, with judicial authorization. Among them is the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès. They are no longer suspected by the sayings of the Citizenlab company. Notably Paz Esteban was dismissed This Tuesday, May 10.

What is evident is that they listened to many people and some with a judicial order (they do not say which judge ordered them, and the reason). For this reason, doubts of another kind arise: who benefited from spending so much money from the State to obtain nothing? Neither Sánchez speaks, nor does the PP dare to ask for a motion of censure. Today, there is already evidence to take away Sánchez’s confidence, or could it be that Rajoy did it too?

It remains to think that the “deep state” has worked alone. But that is not entirely possible, the deep state always works to maintain the “status quo” and benefit someone from politics, banking, justice who benefits from such information. The Sánchez government should think about whether it can continue governing, because if it cannot clean up the deep state, it is because it benefits or is useful to the system that has now let go of its hand and filter information.

Josep Puig Bóo is President of the Mutual Catalana.

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