Stephen Lamothe

Luciano Castro let “Nudes” and joined Stephen Lamothe to take his place in the cast. Once again, the memes and criticism of her performance began on Twitter. The actor takes it with humor and he himself joked in that sense with an image of the play’s billboard.

Stephen Lamothe

“Nudes” is touring around the country. Therefore, in each of the theaters that are presented they put up a billboard to promote the work. On one of those occasions, Stephen Lamothe took a photo that his poster image was missing and made a joke.

Stephen Lamothe

Esteban Lamothe (Twitter/@estebanlamothe/)

“Haters, I’m made of wood, I apologize, I give up, it’s true, they were right”, wrote the actor. In the photo you can see the image of his castmates. Nevertheless, in the place where Esteban Lamothe’s should be there was nothing and only the wooden door was visible.


Nudes (Web/)

The post quickly went viral on Twitter. He often cracks jokes or laughs at memes about him. He even answers both his haters like his fans. Lamothe He has stated, in the past, that he does not suffer from people’s criticism.

Esteban Lamothe and Gonzalo Heredia laughed at their haters

The actors of “The one” They were always criticized on Twitter for their performances in Polka’s novel. Heredia He was blunt with his response to them: “Guys: I stop acting without problems if they pay my children’s school and various expenses. Post”.

Esteban Lamothe and Gonzalo Heredia

Esteban Lamothe and Gonzalo Heredia (Web/)

For its part, Lamothe decided to take it with humor. “We are witnessing the birth of something new and people consume them because it is a new way of expressing themselves. Prohibiting it or getting angry with some of that seems to me to be half a mask “he expressed in an interview.

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