EU calls for greater isolation of Russia and increases military aid by 500 million euros

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, called this Friday, in Germany, for increased pressure on Russia and the international isolation of this country, announcing another 500 million euros in military aid to Ukraine.

Speaking at the entrance to the meeting of the G7 group (the seven largest world economies), Borrell said he hoped that the meeting would come out “more pressure on Russia, with economic sanctions, a continuation of the work of international isolation of Russia, against the disinformation about the consequences of the war – on energy and food prices around the world – and the presentation of a united front to continue to support Ukraine”.

On the European Union (EU) side, Borrel stressed that he arrives at this G7 meeting, at the level of Foreign Affairs ministers, with the announcement of “a new amount of 500 million euros for military aid”, out of a total “of about two million” already made available by the Community bloc to Ukraine.

The EU High Representative for Foreign Policy also stated that these €500 million “will be allocated to heavy weapons”.

“We are currently supplying armored vehicles, tanks, heavy artillery and ammunition,” he added, stressing that he hoped the G7 would also agree to increase military support to Ukraine.

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