EU fails agreement to ban Russian oil imports

The member states of the European Union (EU) were unable to reach an agreement to ban oil imports from Russia, due to the war in Ukraine, given the energy dependence of some countries.

Ambassadors of EU countries met this Sunday for approximately an hour and a half, but were unable to reach an agreement, with the oil embargo remaining the main obstacle to the sixth package of sanctions against the Kremelin, according to diplomatic sources, quoted by the EFE agency.

At issue is, above all, the dependence of some countries on oil imports from Russia.

However, “very important progress has been made”, although there is still work to be done to reach an agreement.

In particular, Budapest, Bratislava and Prague want to ensure a sufficient supply for when they stop importing Russian crude, on which they are dependent.

Next week, the EU will continue with contacts “at all levels” to reach an agreement “as soon as possible”, the same sources said.

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