Eugenia León: «I love Cuba.  Cuba is our example»
Cuba is a heroic people, said the Mexican singer Eugenia León at a press conference. Photo: Endrys Correa Vaillant

Special guest at the 30th Havana International Book Fair 2022, Eugenia León, considered by many to be the best singer in Mexico, offered a press conference at the Hotel Palacio de los Corredores, in Old Havana, hours before her presentation in concert —this Saturday, at 7:00 pm—, in the Covarrubias Hall of the National Theater. In said conference she was accompanied by Santiago Ruy Sánchez De Orellana, in charge of Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of Mexico, in our country.

In a frank and courageous dialogue, the renowned artist, faithful exponent of Mexican cultural roots, who has spent more than 30 years defending the bolero, the ballad, the ranchera and the Nueva Trova Movement in her native land, expressed the enormous pleasure and honor It represents for her that she has been invited to the International Book Fair, which she is grateful for and gives her the opportunity to once again offer her songs to the Cuban public.

«I love Cuba. Cuba is our example, an important reference in my generation. A bastion of heroic inspiration, an example that it can be done, that a different, better world is possible. You have a fighting people. There are the scientists. A people struggling to maintain its Revolution, bravely facing a cruel blockade by the government that believes it is the sheriff of the world. That’s why I admire and respect them,” said the singer, with emotion.

At another point in her speech, Eugenia León stated that today her country is recovering its dignity, which makes her happy and augurs a better present not only for her and all her compatriots, but also a different, better future, which she would also like for their grandchildren. He explained that Mexico, therefore, is at a very important moment in its history, in which the current government led by López Obrador is promoting a strong fight to defeat electoral fraud, corruption, to guarantee all Mexicans a different Mexico, a new society.

“It makes me think and be sure that Mexico’s position will be able to accompany Cuba in defeating the barrier that the United States imposes on it today, and contribute to the unity of all of Latin America in this effort. I wish Cuba the greatest success, and I say again that it is a heroic people, that does not tire of fighting and facing difficulties and that must be learned every day».

To the question of this editor about whether his presence in the Greater Antilles could cause him any problem, he stated: «I don’t care what they can tell me. I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to go where I want. I think that no one should be rejected for not thinking differently, the world is constantly changing and everyone has the right to think freely.

“I already said that I have loved this country for a long time. I remember that when we were young we lent each other some small discs (cassettes) with the songs of Silvio, of Pablo. I was also part of the Nueva Trova Movement in Mexico and we learned a lot from you. Today there are many young people in my land who are interested in Nueva Trova as a way of saying what they feel in a committed way », he pointed out.

«In your case, the Nueva Trova, without a doubt, implies, beyond the song, the theme of the defense of the Revolution. I am one of those who believe that you have to commit to the time you live in. My fellow musicians and everyone around the world must be clear which side of history they are on. One has to know which side one is on, it is time to take sides in favor of just causes. I think you have to commit to the history of the country where you live and that of other countries in the world, “said the singer.

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