European respite: Alberto Fernández distances himself and travels to Spain tomorrow

President Alberto Fernandez starts this Monday a brief tour of Europe, which will start in Spain and end in Germany next Thursday, although the Foreign Ministry is working to also include a stopover in France. The President’s trip will be in the midst of the hard fight inmate who is registered in the Front of Alland keeps the sector most linked to Fernández in conflict with the vice president herself, Cristina Kirchnerin a kind of “own crack” that has put the ruling party in a crisis still far from being resolved.

The president will conclude his trip to Europe this Thursday, the same day that INDEC will announce the inflation of April: although the number for April is expected to be less than the very harsh 6.7 percent left in March, it is discounted that it will continue around 6 points. The difference between a few tenths more or less has a high impact, because if the number for April were below 6%, the Government could say that “inflation is slowing down”, which would be weighty in the tough battle that the President frees to keep Economy Minister Martín Guzmán in his post.

Meanwhile, the internal in the official front is red hot, first because of the harsh statements of the last week of Andres “The Raven” Larroque Y Maximo Kirchnerand this Friday Vice President Cristina Kirchner made a long speech in Chaco, where she recounted some “infidences” that left “bad standing” to the President, especially when she referred to the way in which “he had chosen him”.

Promptly, Cristina Kirchner He said that he could also have chosen Sergio Massa to head the list of the Frente de Todos, and even considered a “generous action” on his part to have allowed the President to choose his closest collaborators.

As president of the Buenos Aires PJ, Maximo Kirchner He spoke the next day about the criticism launched by his mother. The son of the vice president crossed the president during an act for the 103rd anniversary of the birth of Eva Perón.

During his speech, he emphasized the problem of loss of purchasing power and expressed: “Néstor and Cristina did not shake their heads when it came to defending the workers. Likewise, they asked to create “political spheres” that help amplify management decisions.

“Where there is a right, there is an obligation. Nobody can forget why we won the elections. We have to assert those rights!” added the governor of the province, Axel Kicilloadding to the controversy.

Máximo Kirchner to Alberto: “Néstor and Cristina never trembled when they defended workers”

In turn, these crosses also give rise to incessant criticism of the Minister of Economy Martin Guzmanone of the president’s men.

Faced with this panorama and without changes in the Cabinet that accompanies him, the head of state will lead the presidential delegation that will leave on Monday for European lands to undertake the return on Thursday of the same week.

The Presidential Spokesperson, Gabriela Cerutiexplained that it is a scheduled trip that will begin in Spain, with a meeting with the president Pedro Sanchezand will continue in Germany with a meeting with the Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“It’s false”: Gabriela Cerruti denied contacts with Roberto Lavagna to replace Martín Guzmán

“The idea is to be able to continue with the insertion of Argentina in the world and carry out conversations regarding the international situation that Europe is going through at this moment in particular,” the spokesperson explained, adding that the meetings with businessmen aim to “get investments for Argentina and continue in this growth path“.

The last meeting of the Argentine head of state with his Spanish counterpart was in early June 2021, when Sánchez visited Buenos Aires. While the meeting with Scholz will take place, the INDEC figures will be known in the current inflationary contextin advance from the Government it is known that they will not be positive, although they hope that they will be “a little better” than those of March.


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