Charles Michel

European Council President Charles Michel on Thursday promised Ukraine a European Union (EU) Solidarity Fund to rebuild the country that will be the “engine for renewal”, classifying it as a “European Marshall Plan”. .

“As we approach Europe Day on May 9 [próxima segunda-feira]a day to remember peace and unity after the horrors of the Second World War, we are also reminded of the Marshall Plan, which helped to revive Europe and recover economies after the devastation of the war”, declared Charles Michel.

Speaking at the International Conference of High Level Donors for Ukraine, in the Polish capital, Warsaw, the official said he believed “firmly” that, in the face of “the devastation of the war on European soil”, the EU Solidarity Fund “can and must be the starting point of a European Marshall Plan for this century”.

“An engine of solidarity for the renewal and reconstruction of Ukraine, for the prosperity of Europe and for the Transatlantic Alliance”, stressed Charles Michel.

The creation of this fund was agreed by EU leaders at the European Council last March, on which the Heads of Government and State stressed that the EU bloc is committed to providing support to the Ukrainian Government for its immediate needs and for the “reconstruction of a democratic Ukraine”, once the Russian offensive has ceased.

EU leaders then agreed to create a Ukraine Solidarity Trust Fund and also called for preparations to begin quickly for such an instrument and for an international fundraising conference to be organized, like the one on Thursday.

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