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Eurovision Song Contest not in Ukraine next year, Kiev wants additional negotiations

The Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra recently won the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra recently won the Eurovision Song Contest. † © AFP

The Eurovision Song Contest will not take place in Ukraine next year. The umbrella organizer European Broadcasting Union announced this on Friday. But Ukraine itself is not satisfied with that decision.

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Given the war, the EBU does not consider it safe to host the event in Ukraine. However, the intention is that this year’s Ukrainian victory will be central to the show in 2023. “We will make that a priority in our discussions with the eventual host country,” the EBU assures in a statement.

Last month the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra won the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin with the song Stefania† The victory was a demonstration of the solidarity of the European countries for Ukraine. Russia was not allowed to participate in the competition due to the invasion of Ukraine. It was the third time that Ukraine won the festival.

Next year

Normally, the organization of the Song Contest goes to the winning country, but due to the current war situation, it is too difficult and unsafe to organize the event in Ukraine, the EBU says. That is why the European broadcaster is now turning to the number two, namely the United Kingdom. British singer-songwriter Sam Ryder took silver with the song space man† The EBU is now planning talks with the British broadcaster BBC.

The EBU understands that the disappointment is great with the responsible Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC. Despite the war, he always said that he was serious about organizing the festival in Ukraine.

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Ukraine demands additional negotiations

Ukrainian Culture and Information Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko shared a statement on Facebook on Friday in which he expressed his dissatisfaction with the EBU’s decision. “Ukraine does not agree with the nature of such a decision – when we were confronted with the fact without discussion of other options. But we are convinced that we have every reason to continue negotiations to find a joint solution that will satisfy all parties,” he wrote.

“We won Eurovision fairly and within the deadlines we met all the conditions for holding Eurovision in Ukraine – we have provided answers and guarantees about safety standards and possible venues for the competition,” it said. “Organizing Eurovision 2023 in Ukraine sends a strong signal to the whole world that it now supports Ukraine. We will demand that this decision be changed because we believe that we can meet all obligations, as we have repeatedly informed the European Radio Union. That is why we demand additional negotiations on hosting Eurovision 2023 in Ukraine.”

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