Even genes can play a role when someone goes astray in a relationship

According to researchers, the reason for cheating can be found, among other things, in genes. Human behavior patterns are genetically coded.

This means that there are fellow human beings whose behavior shows infidelity much more often compared to others. It is conceivable that they have gene modifications and allelic variants that predispose them to these behaviors

said dr. Tibor Vellai, head of the genetics department at ELTE TV2 Mocha in his show.

According to a scientific theory, the so-called “adventurous” gene, DRD4, can be found in most people’s genes.

Women and men in whom this occurs in greater numbers need more stimulation to release dopamine, which is responsible for the feeling of pleasure. Therefore, it is much easier for them to go astray in a relationship.

The scientists also showed that that particular “adventurous” gene occurs in about the same proportion in both men and women. Another interesting thing is that these genes can be passed on.

Genetic characteristics can be passed down from generation to generation, if there is a change affecting the germ line as well. Then it can be expected that this behavior pattern can also develop in the offspring

added the head of department.

Although, in addition, how one socializes, what one’s values ​​and self-control are like also play a big role – the report reveals.

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