"Everything is geared towards that." EU will have to keep Russian oil for technical reasons

A Russian deputy defended this Thursday that the European Union (EU) will have to continue to use Russian oil because most European refineries are specifically adapted for Russian raw materials.

In reaction to the EU’s proposal for a gradual embargo on Russia’s oil for invading Ukraine, Vyacheslav Nikonov said countries in central Europe would have to continue to use it for technical reasons.

“The European Union is not going to stop buying Russian oil. Well, what kind of oil are they going to buy? Arab oil? Arab light oil can be processed in refineries in southern Europe, but there are simply no such facilities in central Europe.” , said Nikonov, quoted by the Russian agency TASS.

“Everything is oriented towards Russian oil, so they will buy ours,” assured the deputy, who is deputy chairman of the Duma’s Committee on International Affairs, the lower house of the Russian Federation’s parliament.

The European Commission proposal, released on Wednesday, provides for a gradual ban on oil imports by EU member states until the end of 2022, but includes an extra year for Hungary and Slovakia, two countries highly dependent on hydrocarbons. russians.

Hungary has announced that it will not support the proposal, which has to be approved unanimously, if the transport of oil by pipeline is not exempted from the restrictions.

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