Everything is ready to watch the game of the Argentine National Team on a giant screen in San Rafael.
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In San Rafael everything is ready for encourage the Argentine National Team in the World Cup debut from Qatar this Tuesday morning and watch the game on a mega screen.

The “breath point” in the youth park premiered on sunday at noon with the opening ceremony of the World Cup and the game in which Ecuador beat the host country 2-0.

The park was filled with families that arrived with deck chairs in hand and took advantage of the spaciousness of the green space behind the Greek theater Chacho Santa Cruz to enjoy a day of football in the open air.

Everything is ready to watch the game of the Argentine National Team on a giant screen in San Rafael. (Municipality of San Rafael/)

There was no shortage of Argentine flags and shirts that began to throb what will be the debut of La Scaloneta first thing in the morning this Tuesday.

The match starts at seven in the morning but the transmission of the previous one will not be missing to warm up.

The screen high definition LED installed in the Youth Park It is 9 meters wide by 5 meters high.

Furthermore, on the property there will be food stalls, hydration points and places for health care.

From the Commune they remember that it will be strictly the sale of alcohol is prohibited and there will be police controls as well as municipal inspectors.

This is the organization

This is the organization of the “point of encouragement” in the Parque de los Jóvenes. (Municipality/)

Days and hours of the “Punto de Aliento” for what follows

To attend the Youth Park and enjoy the Qatar 2022 World Cup on a gigantic screen, these will be the days and times of transmission.

  • Saturday 26 November at 4:00 p.m.: Argentina vs. Mexico.
  • Wednesday 30 November at 4:00 p.m.: Argentina vs. Poland.

As the World Cup matches progress, the commune will inform that other matches can be seen on the giant screen on weekends. If the matches of Argentina will be a fixed one, if the group stage passes.

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