Evi Hanssen is going to get married soon, "so that mom can still be there"

Evi Hanssen is ambassador of De Roze Mars, for which people are called upon to take at least 10,000 steps every day in May. In ‘The Cooke & Verhulst ShowHanssen came to tell us why this is so important to her: her mother is terminally ill. And that also has an impact on her own plans. “I’m finally getting married.” Very soon even.

Jani was also a guest in Wednesday evening The Cooke & Verhulst Show† He took along with Evi Hanssen About The Ocean and confessed something about it. Although alcohol was not allowed in that program, he and Dominique Persoone had smuggled tequila onto the boat. But Hanssen caught him.

Also in the studio on Wednesday evening: the Ukrainian band Go_A, who was one of the revelations of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. They told how they fled the war.

Go_A will be at Pukkelpop in August, but first they were on the stage of The Cooke & Verhulst Show:


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