Exceptional natural phenomenon suddenly turns water in Texel nature reserve pink

On Texel, one of the Dutch Wadden Islands, they are experiencing the return of a special natural phenomenon after five years. Just like in 2017, the water of the lake Wagejot is bright pink. Watch the video above.

Wagejot is an elongated lake not far from the village of Oosterend. The lake is not natural, but was created when ground was excavated in the 1970s for a new dike nearby. A striking natural phenomenon is now slowly but surely turning the water in flamingo pink.

Five years ago, the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research wrote that the pink color was probably related to the severe drought on the island, which means that the salt content in the water is extremely high and there is little oxygen in it.

The researchers then found the algae in the water dunaliella salina† A very small plant that can withstand salty conditions and secretes a carotene-like substance, comparable to the dyes in carrots and radishes. In large quantities, these algae can turn lakes bright pink.

More colors a beautiful pink… but truth is much dirtier

(dvv, avh)

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