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The songs of singer Danny Rivera are part of the soundtracks of Dominicans for generations. Romantic, bohemian and personal, the Puerto Rican manages to permeate the deepest feelings with his interpretations, without neglecting social awareness.

His love for music began when he was 8 years old and since then he has never let go of it.

As his work became more socially, spiritually, and historically conscious, he continued to record and tour internationally, but began to feel less and less in sync with the Latin music industry. At the end of the eighties, he signed a contract with Sony Music and recorded the successful album Amar o muerte, as well as Subiendo y Bajando, with Gilberto Santa Rosa. But social projects were beginning to consume more and more of his time.

In recognition to this great career and his affinity with the Dominican Republic, a country of which he became a citizen in 2008, an honor he received in recognition to his work with the “dajaos”, the people of the Dajabón area, which covers the border that separates the Dominican Republic from Haiti, the artist born in Puerto Rico but a citizen of all of America unveiled his star in the Dominican capital.

Excited, the artist thanked the distinction that came from the Bulevar de las estrellas foundation. Starting this Wednesday, fans of the artist will be able to appreciate this recognition, located on the Boulevard of the Stars on Abraham Lincoln Avenue, in the center of the city of Santo Domingo.

“It’s a privilege. I don’t know why human beings have always wanted to reach the stars and this is a time when great nations have ships to search for new planets and reach or see themselves closer to the stars and I think that each one in his form of science to enhance oneself and bring more things to humanity, suddenly reaching for the stars is something innate in the human conscience”, he said at the beginning of his speech to thank the recognition.

He added: “We like to look at the sky and see there, the sky that we have and in the stars, the stars that shine in us and that shine in every place. And then, when they believe you are a poet or a artist… think you’re a star, because we are little stars here on earth as a representation of what the divinity wants us to represent; the loftiness of nature, of the cosmology of planet Earth”.

He continued: “The stars are there every day, in two lovers who lie down every day in the sand of the sea and look at the stars and the stars become us, in that luminosity that we do not want to disappear from our lives and for Therefore, we want to have them here on earth and the people in charge of this event come up with the idea that the stars should be brought here and represented by those other people who believe they are stars and who are called artists, musicians, poets, writers, dancers, crazy about life, who also think they are stars who are constantly lighting up every day, every time they go out to express the talent they have”.

Danny Rivera at the time of unveiling his star. (PETER BAZIL)

“You are the stars, we are all the stars and we have them here now and you think that I can have one, I thank you, but I already had them all, I already consider that the stars live with us and that is why we are trying of conquering new places to coexist better, perhaps, that is why when a child behaves well or leads his life in a correct way, he is given a star as a gift so that he feels complete and that he is doing well,” he pointed out to the Puerto Ricans and Dominicans present at the activity.

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Star of Dany Rivera in Santo Domingo. (FREE DAIRY)

“Thank you, I hope to continue doing well to continue reaching stars. I accept this one and that it enlightens my life more than you have illuminated my life through accepting my work as a singer, to accompany me on this journey of the star of popular song, Thank you”concluded the Puerto Rican artist to applause.

East recognition It is accompanied by the celebration of the 60 years of artistic career of one of the most successful artists of the romantic song.

The Bulevar de las Estrellas Foundation, chaired by Carlos Batista Matos, was founded and incorporated in 1998, and has its offices in Plaza Paseo de la Churchill, located on Winston Churchill Avenue corner Roberto Pastoriza, in the National District.

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This is what Danny Rivera’s star looks like in Santo Domingo. (PETER BAZIL)

During the first stage, some 35 bronze and granite stars were unveiled, which immortalize the same number of personalities, in events that attracted large crowds. And, as before, the manufacture, installation and maintenance of the staras well as the act and inherent activities, will be fully paid for by the foundation.

The choice of the personalities to be honored is the responsibility of an advisory committee, made up of communicators from entertainment journalism who work in the press, radio, television and social networks, as well as by others who have worked as art chroniclers and who currently stand out in other fields of communication.

The public and fans of the artists will also be able to propose candidates that they consider should be honored with stars. Such proposals would be evaluated or weighed by the advisory committee, which will decide.

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Danny Rivera (PETER BAZIL)

The Boulevard of the Stars in Santo Domingo is one of the first replicas of the Walk of Fame founded in 1958, in Hollywood, that has been created outside the United States.

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