Susana Gimenez

On the eve of the 50th edition of the Martín Fierro Awards, we spoke with the president of APTRA, the journalist louis ventura; who gave us details about the preparations for the great party of the Argentine show:

—PROFILE: Will you be the one to do the opening?

—Luis Ventura: Yes, I am the one who will speak, in my capacity as president of APTRA.

Will there be shows?

—Yes, the shows will be in charge of Valeria Lynch and Ricardo Montaner.

Will it be a night of emotions?

—Yes, of course, there are 35 shortlists. As always, there will be the most emblematic figures of the show, a tribute to Diego Maradona and the Night of Ten and a special block for those who left.

—How does APTRA expect Susana Giménez?

—The association decided to reward Susana in the 35 years since the first broadcast of “Hello Susana.”

-This award seems something like an act of reparation after so many disagreements that Susana had with some media and politicians since she decided to go live in Uruguay. Was that the idea of ​​awarding her?

-Not in any way. Susana will be awarded a diamond statuette for her career on television, any other interpretation is at the expense of others.

Mirtha Legrand

—Mirtha Legrand will also be awarded?

—Yes, of course there is a tribute to Mirtha. She will be accompanied by her whole family. They will occupy a table and a half.

—How was Telefé prepared?

—Telefe organized a party for 30 million pesos. Spectators will be shocked by the television with aerial cameras, it will be an event with all the latest technology at the service of the best transmission. The aerial cameras will film outside and inside the room where the party will take place.

Martin Fierro Awards

“Is the menu fancy?”

—If the menu is elegant and each cutlery has a cost of 23,000 pesos.

—The 2019-2020 awards were suspended due to the pandemic. Are they going to reward any program or figure from those years in this edition?

-No way, I’ll give you a scoop, the company RED CUBE won the tender and will be the one to organize the party that was left pending due to the inhibitions of the pandemic. In a short time we will have news, I know they are looking for the location to hold the pending event.

(Red Cube is a Spanish production company dedicated to promoting projects both visually and technically, for consumer and luxury sectors. The company is based in several Latin American countries).

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