Executions, torture and beatings: how the Wagner Group delivers “justice”
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On November 13, the Telegram channel Gray Zone, known for its proximity to the group of Russian mercenaries Wagner, circulated a video showing a particularly violent killing. Presented as a “traitor”, a man is filmed lying on the ground, his hands tied behind his back; then his skull is smashed with a club. Gray Zone states that it “received the traditional Wagnerian punishment”.

It was, in all likelihood, a certain Evguéni Noujine, an ex-convict recruited by Wagner like so many others since the beginning of the war in exchange for an amnesty. Once in Ukraine, he would have been taken prisoner. Nouzhin then appeared openly in several Ukrainian media, whose Censor.net, at the beginning of September. According to him, he only joined this war to be able to defect when the time came and join family in Ukraine. He even said he was ready to fight in the forces

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