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The minister of Public health, daniel riveraaffirmed this Wednesday that hospital care for patients of Haitian origin consumes the 14% of the total hospital resources of that wallet.

Rivera estimates that by the end of 2022, the total investment in patients Haitians will be around 10 billion pesos.

“Done by our planning, it is estimated, if there is no variation, that there will be 10 billion this year… 14%, says the National Health Service (SNS), Dr. Mario Lama, is the pressure of the occupation the general hospital total, 14% of the resources that are being invested in the Haitian case,” said the official.

Although the maternity area takes the largest game, about six billion pesos, the doctor recalled that It is not only about parturient women and children who require neonatal care, but also add up patients with HIV, cancer, injured in fights, traffic accidentsamong other circumstances.

This 14% that Rivera points out refers to the sum of the budget of Public health, 8,300 million and the SNS, about 75 billion, which together reach a game of 83,300 million. The budget overall in the Health sector amounts to 123 billion pesos.

Attention is not denied

The also president of the Health Cabinet indicated that despite the large budget consumed by patients of Haitian origin, hospital care is not denied under any circumstances.

“In the case of Health, no one can accuse that if a woman in labor arrives, or if a child arrives or a person arrives at an establishment, they have been rejected. It continues to be treated because it is a human right and the President of the Republic has said that each of these situations is preserved,” he declared.

“You saw the investment we had to make in the cholera case of 1,200,000 in a single patient,” he added.

vehicle delivery

Part of the fleet received by Public Health. (neal cross)

Rivera spoke after the act of receipt of a consignment of 67 modern vans from the hands of Vice President Raquel Peña to be used by the different Provincial Health Directorates and Areas (DPS/DAS), with the aim of strengthening the quality and efficiency of the national health system.

The official said that even with COVID-19 under control, the institution has great challenges, which it will continue to develop.

“We are sure that with this acquisition of 67 vehicles, initially, to make public spending more efficient and increase services for the population, with an investment of 216,061,600 pesos”, he indicated.

For the second week of December, it is expected to receive a second game with 24 new vehiclesto complete a total of 91 transport units before the end of this year 2022.

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