Experts assessed the filling of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain

Rosvodresursy has established a mode of increased water discharge through the Volzhskaya HPP. The duration of the “agricultural shelf” this spring was 6 days. Now the volume of discharged water is gradually decreasing. From May 7 to May 20, the so-called “fish shelf” of 17-18 thousand cubic meters per second will be maintained. However, the date can be adjusted – the final decision at the end of the second decade of May will be taken by the interdepartmental commission, depending on the hydrological situation in the upper reaches of the Volga.

Previously, with such a discharge, the floodplain was filled poorly, but the clearing of eriks and lakes and the construction of the GTS made it possible to use the possibilities of the spring flood to the maximum extent possible to retain water in key objects.

– The filling of the floodplain is satisfactory. The clearing of the eriks gave a result – this will allow a good summer period to pass. The work done in the previous period gives us reason to say that water has entered the eriki and will remain there, – said Governor Andrei Bocharov. – 93 objects are planned for restoration – more than 50 percent of the plan has already been completed. In addition, we have set the task of clearing 75 kilometers of waterways – and this work is underway. On the one hand, we must preserve the ecosystem, on the other hand, we must ensure the lives of people. And this balance between ecology and issues of vital activity is the most important. Therefore, we are working with scientists to solve these problems.

According to press service of the administration of the Volgograd region, in recent years have rehabilitated 40 water bodies. Clearing of the Karshevisty and Sukhodol eriks, Peschanka and Kunak lakes continues, documentation is being prepared for work on the Sukhoi Kashirin, Shchuchiy, Morozovka, Kochkovaty and Penev eriks. In 2023, specialists will clear 10 more waterways.

The modernization of the network of culverts also contributes to the filling of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain – 30 facilities have already been erected, and another 42 are planned to be put into operation by 2024. The system being created already in 2021 ensured the flow of water to territories that previously lacked it. Maintaining the required level in eriks and lakes contributes to the replenishment of underground horizons – as a result, floodplain residents and farmers will not be left without water.

The maximum effect will be achieved after the implementation of a large-scale governor’s project for additional watering of the Akhtuba River and the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain, which is now undergoing the necessary examinations.

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