Explora wants to say goodbye to reels and go digital film system

León, Guanajuato.- The Explora Science Center seeks to modernize the projection of films.

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With 40 million pesos, it is expected to put aside the use of reels and move to a digital projection, this would allow it to project premiere films, cultural and sporting events.

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Gerardo Ibarra-Arandadirector of explorepresented before the Health, Sports and Recreation Commission of City hall the proposal put forward by the center to remodel the Da Vinci Theaterand thus stop renting the projection equipment to the company IMAX. The meeting was only informative, so it was not put to a vote.

The theater from the beginning of explore has had the projection system of IMAX Corporation; Since we were in a pandemic, we have started the investigations, the analyzes related to having a new projection system, ”he said.

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He explained that currently the system is analogous, that is, the printing of the tape is requested from the companies, a process for which 15 thousand dollars are paid for each one. When it arrives, personnel are required to place and control the tape reels.

This way of projecting films prevents explore have commercial, cultural and scientific releases, since it does not meet the standards currently required by the film industry.

Director of explore He specified that with 40 million pesos, he seeks to change all the sound and projection equipment, and make the necessary adjustments for a digital system.

Among the features that will be sought are: laser projection at 4k resolution, a 54 thousand watt sound system, and the possibility of interconnecting via the Internet to other scientific, cultural or entertainment centers and that can provide large-format and high-quality videos. quality. Like for example, the Nasa and the Metropolitan Theater, among others.

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Ibarra Aranda He expressed that even with the new technology, sporting events could be projected, such as the team’s games. Lion.

For the purchase of the equipment, 23 million pesos are required, while for the remodeling and procedures, 20 million more are needed, it is intended that the Municipality contribute 10 million and the State Goverment the remaining 33 million.

Director of explore indicated that they began the steps to terminate in advance the contract they currently have with IMAXCorporation, which was signed 29 years ago and was renewed period after period.

The monthly rental of the equipment for the projection of films is 8 thousand dollars per month, he indicated.

He reiterated that this analog technology also implies paying 15,000 dollars for the printing of the tape and the logistics involved from his transfer city. With a digital system, there would be no need to pay for a tape.

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the owner of explore He pointed out that the new equipment is expected to be ready during the first semester of next year (2023), but it will depend on when the resources are approved by the municipality and the state.

In addition to this, he commented that it will also depend on the delay that exists in the logistics centers for the transfer of equipment and other materials that will be needed for the new projection system.


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