MLRS Hurricane
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In Pavlograd, Dnepropetrovsk region, missile strikes with high-precision weapons destroyed the shops of a military enterprise, in Zaporizhzhia – the shops of the Iskra plant, the Russian Defense Ministry said on November 17. According to experts, the Pavlograd plant produced thousands of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, with which the Donbass is now littered. And in Zaporozhye, they were engaged in the repair of radars for anti-aircraft systems. In the NMD zone, the Russian Armed Forces continued to conduct defensive operations, and in the South-Donetsk direction they moved forward.

For military infrastructure

On Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry spoke about the results of missile strikes carried out the day before on targets in Ukraine.

– High-precision missile strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces in the city of Pavlograd, Dnepropetrovsk region, destroyed the workshops of a defense enterprise for the production of fuel and rocket engines for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, the workshops of the Iskra research and production complex, which produced electronic components for the repair of radar stations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and multiple launch rocket systems, were destroyed in the city of Zaporizhia, – said the official representative of the Ministry of Defense, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov.

The plant in Pavlograd was engaged in the disposal of the first stages of the RT-23 “Scalpel” rocketmilitary expert Alexei Leonkov told Izvestia.

Multiple launch rocket system “Hurricane” in the NWO zone

Photo: TASS / Press Service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Rocket solid fuel was smelted in a certain way, and from the resulting substance they made the filling of those numerous anti-tank and anti-personnel mines that are now poked around fortified areas in the Donbass, he explained. “These mines were produced in hundreds and thousands of pieces. It can be assumed that Ukraine will have a shortage of mines of its own production. And from abroad they are still supplied in limited quantities.

As for the Iskra plant in Zaporozhye, this enterprise was also engaged in the repair of air defense radars, continued Alexei Leonkov.

They still use radars from S-300 complexes as sources of information for air defense. We damage them, and they repair them and reinstall them. Now they may have problems with the repair of radars for the complexes “Buk-M1”, “Osa”, S-300, the expert believes. “But how much the damage caused by missiles will affect the work of the enterprise, and how quickly it can be restored, is still difficult to say.

On the offensive and on the defensive

In the South-Donetsk direction, Russian units continue to advance. According to the military department, the road between the settlements of Pavlovka and Nikolskoye in the DPR has been taken under full control. In addition, three VFU attacks were thwarted by forces of up to three company tactical groups. As a result of the fire defeat, the enemy was stopped and dispersed. More than 60 soldiers killed two tanks and six armored fighting vehicles, the Defense Ministry said.

In other operational areas, Russian troops hold the defense. On Kupyansky, an attempt by the enemy to attack the positions of our troops in the direction of the settlement of Novoselovskoye in the LPR was thwarted. VFU losses amounted to 20 military personnel and two armored vehicles.

MLRS Hurricane

The operation of the multiple launch rocket system “Hurricane” in the NWO zone

Photo: TASS / Press Service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

In the Krasno-Limansky direction, the attempts of the VFU to attack the positions of Russian units by the forces of five company tactical groups were thwarted. The loss of Ukrainian formations here amounted to 100 killed and wounded, one tank, three infantry fighting vehicles, two armored vehicles and three pickup trucks.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported a riot in one of the formations of the VFU: in the Lisichansk direction, the military personnel of the unit of the 81st airmobile brigade refused to obey the command and perform combat missions due to high losses and low morale of the arriving reservists. “Militants of one of the Ukrainian Nazi formations, sent to Belogorivka to restore order, shot five Ukrainian servicemen in front of the formation to intimidate the personnel of the brigade,” the department said.

shot polygon shooting soldier back

Photo: Global Look Press/MOD Russia

Operational-tactical, army aviation, missile troops and artillery hit the command post of the VFU, 74 artillery units in firing positions and 166 troop concentration areas in a day.

During the counter-battery fight, two Ukrainian launchers of the Uragan multiple launch rocket system and two US-made AN / TPQ-50 counter-battery radars were destroyed.

During the day, air defense systems shot down six UAVs, 15 rockets, including 11 HIMARS MLRS rockets in the areas of the settlements of Guselskoye in the DPR, Zymogorye in the LPR and Skadovsk in the Kherson region, as well as two Uragan rockets in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Strelyacha, Kharkov region and two Alder rockets in the areas of the settlements of Rubizhnoye and Makeevka in the LPR.


The operation of the Solntsepek flamethrower system in the NWO zone

Photo: TASS / Press Service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

In total, since the beginning of the special military operation, the following have been destroyed: 333 aircraft, 177 helicopters, 2,520 unmanned aerial vehicles, 388 anti-aircraft missile systems, 6,668 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 894 combat vehicles of multiple launch rocket systems, 3,589 field artillery guns and mortars, as well as 7259 units of special military vehicles, said Igor Konashenkov.

On November 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on conferring the honorary title “Guards” on the 23rd Tallinn Fighter Aviation Regiment. According to the document, the military unit was awarded “for mass heroism and courage, fortitude and courage shown by the personnel of the regiment in combat operations to protect the Fatherland and state interests in armed conflicts.” On November 9, the President awarded the Guards rank to the 277th Bomber Aviation Mlavsky Red Banner Regiment.

accurate fire

The Russian Defense Ministry spoke about the military personnel who showed courage and selflessness in battles.

The rear column of private Kamil Gasanov was attacked by Ukrainian formations. His car lost speed from damage due to an exploding shell. Kamil instantly left the burning car and entered the battle, destroying four militants from regular weapons. Having suffered losses, the VFU retreated. Having repelled the attack, the soldier restored the serviceability of his vehicle and continued moving to the assigned area.

“Having shown personal courage, Private Gasanov completed the task and delivered the cargo to the positions of the Russian troops in a timely manner and without loss,” the Ministry of Defense noted.

tank shot

Photo: Global Look Press/MOD Russia

During the offensive, a unit of Russian motorized riflemen came under fire from Ukrainian formations. Senior Lieutenant Rashidkhan Amirarslanov organized the camouflage of the fire adjustment post, determined the aiming points and transmitted the coordinates of enemy objects. As a result of his accurate calculations, an enemy mortar battery was hit, which included five units of 82-mm mortars and up to 20 militants.said in the military department.

The calculation of the combat vehicle of Lieutenant Stepan Buchnev supported the offensive with fire. His subordinates launched an artillery attack on the objects of the VFU, destroying four mortar guns and two artillery platoons. “By competent actions in a difficult situation, Lieutenant Stepan Buchnev was able to organize well-coordinated work – accurate and quick aiming of a combat vehicle at enemy targets, which, in turn, significantly reduced the military potential of the Ukrainian armed formations and further allowed the development of a rapid offensive by a group of troops on areas controlled by radicals,” the Defense Ministry said.

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