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‘Explosives left in violent acts in Irapuato do not represent a risk,’ affirms Secretary of Security

'Explosives left in violent acts in Irapuato do not represent a risk,' affirms Secretary of Security

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- The explosives left near bodies in violent events in Irapuato do not represent a risk for the Police elementssaid Ricardo Benavides Hernández, Secretary of Citizen Security.

The truth is that they have been explosive devices, we do not know what their size is, there the secretary of defense is in charge of being able to size or establish what type of device it is, “he said.

He mentioned that Explosive devices have been left near criminal events on two occasions, but are under investigation together with the State Attorney General’s Office and Sedena.

We don’t see it as an aggression towards us because there has been no direct aggression as such towards the elements; it is an artifact that has been found, but well we are establishing the lines of investigation together with the other authorities”, he pointed out.

They work to lower intentional homicide rates

Regarding the information issued by the Federal Security Secretariat, on the increase in intentional homicides in IrapuatoBenavides Hernández mentioned that the incidence that has occurred in recent months is due to the fact that there is an increase that is not for a month or two.

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Ricardo Benavides Hernández, Secretary of Citizen Security.

We have been working together with the other authorities, as I have already mentioned, in order to precisely inhibit this increase and what corresponds to us as Municipal Police is precisely to do our job in the responsibility that we have as a municipality in the crimes that correspond to us as municipalities, but Of course, we collaborate with both the federal and state authorities to be able to reduce crime rates,” he mentioned.

He pointed out that they are working to reduce the rates of intentional homicide and ruled out that they are idly by, since they have had very good arrestsbut in addition to the operational part, which is important, they also work on another part that they believe is important, which is prevention with citizens.

I have always commented on that topic, it is a topic for everyone, right? Here it is not only that the Police, that the authority, that the Army, that the National Guard do the operational work; each and every one of us has to do that work and that is part of the awareness in which we are working so that this can change, ”he added.

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