The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, Ukraine

The director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossi, expressed this Saturday “extremely worried” about yesterday’s bombing of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, under Russian occupation in Ukrainian territory.

“I am extremely concerned about yesterday’s bombings [sexta-feira] of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, which underlines the very real risk of a nuclear catastrophe that threatens public health and the environment, in Ukraine and beyond”, warned Grossi in a statement released in Vienna, considering that “we are playing with the fire”.

Moscow and Kiev accused each other of compromising the safety of the Zaporiyia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe.

Grossi recalled that, according to Ukrainian authorities, there was no damage to the reactors or emission of radiation, but there was damage to other parts of the plant.

The head of the United Nations nuclear energy agency considered putting the plant in danger “completely unacceptable” and argued that targeting it militarily is “playing with fire” and could have “potentially catastrophic consequences”.

“I strongly and urgently appeal to all parties to exercise maximum containment in the vicinity of this important nuclear facility with six reactors,” he wrote.

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