Facebook removes video where Republican candidate says he wants "to hunt" opponents

Facebook removed a campaign video of Republican candidate for the Missouri Senate, Eric Greitens, showing him showing a shotgun and declaring that he is hunting RINOS (Republicans in name only).

Eric Greitens, former governor of the US state of Missouri, appears flanked by a tactical unit, next to a house, while whispering: “RINO feeds on corruption and is marked by the lists of cowardice”.

The Republican, who resigned as governor in 2018, used in the video a sneer that former President Donald Trump and his allies use to label party members who are moderates.

Afterwards, the armed tactical team bursts through the front door and fires what appears to be smoke grenades, with Greitens entering an empty room amidst the smoke to say, “Join the MAGA team [slogan de Donald Trump, Make America Great Again]. Get a RINO hunting license”.

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