Faced with the blocking of Russian gas deliveries to Ukraine, what is becoming of Europe?

“Germany’s gas supply is stable.” Across the Rhine, the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) wanted to reassure consumers, whose energy supply depends greatly on Russia. “Security of supply is always ensured”, indicated this authority in charge of regulating the gas sector, in its daily report, on May 11.

The German agency had to react, explain it Tagesspiegel. “Since Wednesday morning, no more Russian gas has been flowing west through the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine, where fighting is raging, according to Ukrainian and Russian sources.” This results from the Ukrainian decision to block part of the Russian gas deliveries to the European Union for “force majeure”.

According to GTSOU, the Ukrainian gas pipeline operator, several infrastructures – the Sohranivka distribution station and the Novopskov compressor station – are located in areas near Luhansk and have fallen under Russian control, which will compromise gas supplies. According to him, the Kremlin in particular took “secretly” and illegally gas supposed to pass through these facilities.

Russia, she quickly denied, saying that no diversion of gas was in progress. According to Spiegel, both versions are “impossible to verify” in a territory at war and currently managed

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