Facundo Manes criticized the Buenos Aires educational budget and the PRO advised him "inform"

The legislator and president of the Buenos Aires PRO Claudio Romero told the national deputy Facundo Manes that “it would be good to know“after the radical affirmed “in the 14 years of management” of the PRO the educational budget was lowered” in the City of Buenos Aires.

Manes, who sounds like a possible UCR presidential candidate for 2023, indicated that “between 2011 and 2020 it fell 14 percent in real terms discounting education” and He added that “education in the country is a disaster, but the city of Buenos Aires is no exception.”

In statements to Radio Rivadaviathe legislator escalated in his criticism of the PRO saying that “the weight of the Ministry of Education in the budget of the Buenos Aires government was reduced from 23.8 percent to 18.5 percent in the same period.”

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“In 14 years of management of the PRO with one of the largest budgets in Latin America, comparable to that of San Pablo and the educational quality is lower than the average for Chile,” said the national deputy.

“I’ll explain: in CABA’s Education portfolio, the budget grew by 12% in real terms between 2007 and 2022”Romero told Manes in a tweet in which he included a graph that shows the growth of investment by the government of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

And he added: “While our budget suffered a 7% drop as a result of the removal of co-participation and the drop in activity, in Education, it remained constant in real terms.”

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The ban on inclusive language, “fubito for the tribune”

The measure of ban inclusive language in City schools It also deserved criticism from Manes, who called it a “fulbito for the stands”.

“It is a debate that does not add up too much because it does not go to what is important, which is the educational tragedy that the country is experiencing. I do not think that prohibition is the best way to educate and set an example. Thus, an issue that is not is the cause of poor learning outcomes,” said the radical.

“The government of CABA surely installs the issue for the idea of ​​opening a political debate when in reality what we need is to see how to make the children recover the learning lost during the pandemic and how to reverse the educational tragedy that Argentina has in a world where countries compete for educational systems, “Manes remarked.


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