Median road cut on Route 20.
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Employees of the Argentine Aircraft Factory (FADEA) They claim for a salary improvement in Córdoba and the country. For this reason, since the morning of this Friday, they carry out a median cut on route 20 with sense to Carlos Paz.

“This has to do with a salary question that there is no resolution by the company”, asserted the union secretary in dialogue with Up Cordoba. Negotiations began in April, but 15 days ago They started with different measures of force.

Halfway cut on Route 20. (@alejandropozo/)

His colleague and delegate Luis Heredia explained that they previously demonstrated inside the property, but they no longer have an alternative. They requested a summons from the Ministry of Labor and they estimate that his salary is 20 or 30 points below inflation.

The flames of the protest can be seen from various sectors of the city.

The flames of the protest can be seen from various sectors of the city. (@leoguevara80/)

Furthermore, they revealed that the business seeks to run the parity for the month of april. However, this cannot be done because the legal agreement stipulates that they go from December to January.

What will the traffic cut be like throughout the day in Córdoba

Faced with this situation, they decided demonstrate by cutting half the roadway in front of the factory, on Avenida Fuerza Aérea and those drivers who go to towards Carlos Paz. Heredia clarified that the demonstration will be “indistinct because we can cut off the entrance to Córdoba, but it will always be half a road.”

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