Failure to respect the right of way causes half of deaths in traffic accidents

Some 346 people died and 3,565 were injured as a result of the 4,871 traffic accidents that occurred in Cuba up to the end of June, Reinaldo Becerra Acosta, general secretary of the National Road Safety Commission (CNSV), told Granma.

The figures, although higher than in 2021, are lower than those registered in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Even without failing to recognize that there are objective factors that influence the behavior of accidents, added Becerra Acosta, the most important factor in this type of accident is the human factor, hence the need to insist on road discipline.

Not respecting the right of way is the leading cause of death in the country, accounting for 26% of all accidents, 50% of deaths and 30% of injuries. The second is not paying attention to driving the vehicle.

“Between the two they contribute seven out of ten accidents, eight out of ten deaths and seven out of ten injuries, so we direct the main actions of confrontation and road education towards them, since the human factor is what decides today’s behavior in Cuba. of accidents,” he said.

Other causes that affect are speeding, technical malfunctions and the ingestion of alcoholic beverages. He also specified that the collision of vehicles in motion and the running over of the pedestrian continue to have a negative impact.


Becerra Acosta stressed that in the last three weeks in the country there has been a slight decrease in traffic accidents on the roads, as a result of measures promoted by the General Directorate of the National Revolutionary Police and the CNSV, to achieve a preventive approach in the summer stage.

The presence of officers and specialists continues at the 99 alcohol intake control points, enabled in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Health, in addition to maintaining the special permit

summer license issued by the Government authorities for collective transportation vehicles, after certifying their technical condition and the driving responsibility of the drivers.

For these vehicles, he added, a departure time from the recreation areas was also adjusted, so that the movement on the highway does not coincide with the night schedule.

Control visits are made to livestock owners in the country’s main highways, in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture; and with the Ministry of Transportation, and the technical review of vehicles that circulate towards beach destinations was increased.

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