Faitelson changes name to Dinenno and Pumas player responds

CDMX.- David Faitelson highlighted the renovation of Dinenno in Pumas, but he changed the name of the player, who answered him.

On twitter, David Faitelson sent congratulations to Pumas for the renewal of “Juan Antonio Dinenno”, ensuring that the striker “fell on his feet” in the UNAM team.

My name is Juan Ignacio!” Dinenno replied, sending greetings to “Diego”, changing his name to Faitelson.

Later, the ESPN analyst apologized, assuring that the good news is that Dinenno will continue in Pumas.

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Finally, Juan Ignacio Dinenno thanked David for his words Faitelson.

Dinenno will continue on Cougarsbecause he renewed his contract until 2024 with the university team.

This Wednesday, Cougars won with a score of 5-1 Coyotes of Tlaxcala in a warm-up match, in which Dinenno scored a goal.

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