New complaints of abuse are added in the 406 Peumayen garden, in Comodoro Rivadavia.
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After the more of 60 complaints for sexual abuse juvenile against a kindergarten teacher, the families of the children involved decided march in Commodore Rivadavia. The forceful measures were taken to make the claim visible and demand justice.

the boys would have between 3 and 5 years, who confessed to their mothers and fathers what the subject would have done to them. It is a music teacher garden 406 from the city.

The wednesday 23given the lack of responses and progress of the complaints, based on the 10:00 in the morning families settled in Prosecutor’s Office building. The idea was to remain there with the intention of cutting off Route No. 3 to Comodoro, but in the end it did not happen.

The parents of minors gathered outside the educational establishment to demonstrate and demanded that the authorities representing justice give them an answer immediately about the case.

The total roadblock in Comodoro Rivadavia that was suspended and the statement of the mother of one of the children

“Know how to apologize for the inconvenience caused every time we make ourselves heard. Unfortunately we have no answers and our children remain defenseless without support”, lamented the parents. “Total roadblock!” They announced in the early hours of this Wednesday morning.

After a few hours, the road block was suspended to go to protest at the garden gate 406. The parents cannot bear that the alleged abuser continues in the place where the children attend and they demand that justice be done.

In the last hours of Wednesday the 16th, the 60 complaints against the teacher. Since then, the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced that they are evaluating whether the children involved are fit to testify in the Gesell Chamber.

New complaints of abuse are added in the 406 Peumayen garden, in Comodoro Rivadavia. (Telam/)

In order to determine this, summonses are being processed for parents and minors to be interviewed by psychologists from the Forensic Interdisciplinary Corps. The prosecutor in charge of this case is Mary Laura White.

The prosecutor reported that the teacher accused of sexual abuse is not detained because “There is no formalization and, since there is none, precisely because it is in the test analysis process, there is nothing formal”.

in dialogue with ADNSUR, johanamother of a kindergartner, stated that “No dad had a response from the prosecutionproblems arose. There was a mother who was attacked by a police officer and there are many that do not close”.

Later, the woman explained: “We do not have the support of psychologists, we do not know how to cope with the situation with the children, Nobody is prepared to take care of your child who suffered abuse and that justice does nothing”.

Johana asks to know why there was no raid, an expert opinion in the garden, kidnapping of evidence. “No one knows anything. Why is there no psychological support?the mother was outraged. “Single three or four parents were called from more than 60 complaints that were made”, he added.

“We are all in the same fight in different ways, it is horrible to listen to our children in the state they are in. All they want to do is relocate them to another garden,” the woman concluded.

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